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Washtech CDe240 - Premium (Four Stage) Conveyor Dishwasher with Heat Condensing Unit - 500mm Rack

Model Number
W: 2710 mm D: 815 mm H: 1590 mm
Volume: 4.57 m3
Packed Weight: 525 kg
Product Features
  • High volume 240 racks/ 4,320 plates equivalent per hour
  • Low cold water consumption of 120 litres per hour
  • 600mm pre-wash module with multi-layer externally removable scrap trays
  • 1200mm wash module including pre-rinse
  • 600mm EcoRinse module with dural recirculating and final rinse stages
  • Integrated heat recovery / exhaust condenser
  • Full thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Dual speed with options to add a slower (heavily soiled) or faster setting
  • Powerful wash via removable upper and lower stainless steel wash arms
  • Hands free AutoDrain allows for easy draining with just the touch of a button
  • Digital temperature guages for easy HACCP reporting
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