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Burlodge RTS


Burlodge's range of rethermalised food counters, distribution carts and multi-purpose trolleys offer its clients confidence and consistent results at meal times. These innovative bulk meal solutions accommodate all cook-serve, hot-line and cook-chill applications in the institutional food service industry.


Hospitals, schools, nursing homes and correctional facilities all benefited from Burlodge's expertise in streamlining operations that enhance the efficiency of different food distribution systems. The genuine innovation incorporating ergonomic elements into the products' design sets a new industry standard.



The B-Pod by Burlodge is a state of the art meal delivery system encapsulating the best of advanced technology, ergonomic features and intelligent engineering. Its unique nesting system is just one example of its ingenuity. Here, the Base Station provides consistent convection heating and cooling to food trays stored in the Pod below.

The Pod carries the individualised trays from production through regeneration and then to the patient. Burlodge builds equipment that meets the demands of food professionals' evolving needs. The Base Station, for example, can be raised or lowered to accept either a short or tall Pod. On the other hand, the B-Pod uses durable yet lightweight materials as well as high density insulation to optimise temperature retention. The entire manipulation-free one-piece system provides more efficient use of space for easier workflow and consistent hot or cold results.

Novaflex II

The Novaflex II is the most advanced single-tray meal distribution system across the institutional food service industry today. Suitable for both cook-serve and cook-chill applications, the Novaflex II incorporates technology and ergonomic functionality that better serves food to staff and consumers.
Features such as the easy-to-use electronic control panel and instant monitoring allow food professionals to personalise individual patient trays and deliver meals with optimum efficiency.  Salads and chilled desserts on one side, warm bread and main meals on the other. With a two-in-one heating and chilling system this technology is unique to Burlodge and improves the capacity to provide better service in an array of institutions.


Nursing homes, aged-care facilities and specialist hospitals can reap the rewards of the Burlodge RTS Cook Serve Delivery System. These innovative ready-to-serve carts are ideal for establishments where the majority of patients or residents require assistance with feeding.
To combat compromised food as a result of poor temperature control, both the HL and CT RTS carts make use of a fixed divider wall to separate hot and cold foods on the tray. The heating and cooling continue as trays are removed and served, maintaining a consistent and controlled temperature throughout.

Burlodge's Ready To Serve Hot Line (HL RTS) is designed to handle high capacity hot line tray preparation. Its use of integrated smart technology provides simple control systems, allowing staff to focus on delivery, service and support.

The Ready to Serve Carbon Tech (CT RTS) is the multi-purpose and lightweight cook-chill system from Burlodge. For hot meal assembly, the CT RTS has built-in boosting capability so hot meals are guaranteed while the active-chilling feature ensures the cold food stays cold for longer.

Multigen and Minigen

The Multigen and Minigen is a multi-portion meal distribution cart series intended for cook-serve, cook-chill and cook-freeze food service applications. The four products within this range act as the perfect bulk meal solution for any prison, hospital or care home.

While the Multigen comprises a two compartment unit, and the Minigen just one, both units share the same dual oven technology. This enables staff to rethermalise foods of different textures and densities to a consistent heat with ease, without compromising food quality. The air convection for rethermalisation allows for reduced energy consumption.

Managing various heat cycles is made easy thanks to the LCD electronic controls and HACCP and SmartCard technologies. Set timers, manage power and adjust heating cycles where and when you need.

Optima RS

The Optima RS is an ideal all-in-one solution. This innovative heated and refrigerated meal delivery cart helps maintain hot and cold food temperatures through holding, transport and service. Simply use the electrical connection-to-kitchen-power to gain maximum heating and cooling capacity, load your trays, hold in the kitchen, and transport when ready to serve. There's also the option to plug the Optima RS in at patient ward service areas to maintain perfect temperatures.

The Cube

The Cube has been designed to best deal with the unpredictability of meal times. Whether down to over-running meetings, longer check-ups or delayed appointments, sometimes patients and residents aren't on time for meals.Thankfully, the Cube safely accommodates up to four food trays that require holding for extended periods after normal meal distribution is complete. Whether hot or cold, all food temperatures are maintained to accommodate unavailable patients. This is a great way to avoid wasted and cold meals that would otherwise have been held in unsafe serving conditions for later re-heating.

The Cube can be used in conjunction with any Burlodge tray delivery system, making it the perfect addition to your existing healthcare equipment range. Its small footprint allows for stacking within the same footprint or on many countertops, while the two half doors provide easy access - saving space and improving efficiency.

B-Smart and BWise


Burlodge has reinvented the 'docking' principle through the B-Smart tray system. This essential piece of healthcare equipment uses a combination of convected air heated and refrigerated applications to create an unbeatable meal delivery system. Whether for cook-chill or temperature maintenance, food staff can welcome the flexibility and intelligence of B-Smart into serving operations.

The B-Smart is made up of two components - a Station and a Shuttle. The Station is fitted with all mechanical elements that provide heating and refrigeration, while the shuttle acts as the tray transport trolley. The two parts easily dock together by pushing the shuttle against the station.


Control all programming and operating information related to your Burlodge meal delivery systems with the latest HACCP monitoring feature, BWise. In maximum application, BWise allows you to manage all Burlodge equipment from a remote computer. From starting a new meal cycle to reading temperatures inside a cart, enjoy easier control of your trolleys and meal distribution carts. All information is stored on a database that can be accessed from your PC through Smart Cards.
If you'd like to find out more about the Burlodge range, get in touch with a Moffat representative today. Our team of experts can guide you through all products to find the perfect pieces of equipment to meet your needs. 


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