Combi-Steamer Ovens

Picture joining the forces of circulating hot air from a convection oven with the humidity generated from a steamer, only that you could control the level of the moisture within the chamber at will. A combi steamer ovens morph the benefits of steam cooking with the advantages of a traditional convection oven. Temperature and humidity can be then perfectly matched to the food type, resulting in succulent dishes with speed and precision. Ideal for roasting, baking, steaming, shallow fry, smoking or regenerating. Or set the combi at a lower temperature for overnight cooking and hold. The applications are boundless. With the surge in popularity, combi oven became a must-have in modern commercial kitchens around the world.
Here at Moffat, we offer three well-trusted brands in combi steamer oven technology:

All three provide powerful, versatile equipment that grants operators the correct amount of operational control required with greater precision during the cooking process. As a result, achieving amazing dishes with consistency and the ability to standardised performance every time. No matter your kitchen layout or cooking requirements, be sure to find the best-suited combi steamer oven for your commercial kitchen. Also, check out our portable or mini-series ranges if you are operating a mobile food truck or mini galley kitchens.
Here’s a full list of the combi steamer ovens on offer through Moffat.  

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